Mumbai Terror Attacks and Chris Matthews's Senate Run

From international terrorism to domestic campaigning

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Josh Marshall warns about news reports based on anonymous intelligence officials—especially when it comes to India and Pakistan. The head of Pakistan's intelligence service has been dispatched to India in hopes of calming tensions between the two nuclear countries. (War, Hot Air correctly observes, "would be disastrous.") TNR's Plank has more, including a news roundup and a look at the situation from Pakistan's English-language press. One conservative blogger argues that the question of whether the perpetrators of the attacks were homegrown terrorists or international jihadists is in fact false. RedState's Soren Dayton argues that the attacks present an opportunity for the West to re-engage with India. Our Robert Schlesinger writes on the Thomas Jefferson Street blog that the whole situation reminds us that we do indeed have only one president at a time.

Matthews for Senate! hears that Carter speechwriter turned Tip O'Neill aide turned media personality Chris Matthews has been negotiating with Obama veterans to work on his staff for a Pennsylvania Senate run in two years. HotAir says: Bring it on! Political Animal lists other possible contenders.