5 Salaries of Auto Industry CEOs

Auto industry CEOs in the United States and around the world are raking in big bucks.


1. Rick Wagoner, General Motors: Wagoner received $14.4 million in compensation in 2007, including a salary of $1.56 million.

2. Alan Mulally, Ford: His compensation in 2007 was $21.7 million, with a salary of $2 million.

3. Wendelin Wiedeking, Porsche: He is thought to have earned more than ¤60 million ($89 million) last year.

4. Carlos Ghosn, Renault-Nissan: In 2006, he took home $45.5 million.

5. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler: Forbes calculates his total compensation to be €8,550,000.

Sources: Bloomberg, Motor Authority, Forbes, The Guardian