5 Companies That Have Announced Layoffs in the Past Week

Citigroup had the biggest cut of 52,000 jobs.

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1. Citigroup Inc. On November 17, Citigroup announced it would cut its global workforce by an estimated 52,000 jobs in the coming months. It is the largest round of layoffs since the financial crisis began.

2. Sun Microsystems Inc. The computer maker announced on November 14 that it plans to cut as many as 6,000 jobs, a reduction that will eliminate as much as 18 percent of the staff.

3. Fidelity Investments. The world ' s largest mutual-fund manager said Friday that it will cut about 1,700 jobs at the beginning of 2009. It is the second round of job cuts, bringing the total to 3,000 employees or about 7 percent of the workforce.

4. Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. The soda bottler announced plans yesterday to cut almost 1,000 jobs amid efforts to cut costs by $150 million.

5. QVC. The home shopping channel will eliminate 700 jobs, about 5.8 percent of its U.S. workforce, in an attempt to cut costs as the company sees a decline in customer spending.

Sources: ABC News, Bloomberg (Sun Microsystems, Fidelity, QVC), Wall Street Journal