5 Voting Demographics Where Barack Obama Made Headlines

According to exit polls, Obama dominated the youth and minority vote.


1. Minorities: Ninety-six percent of black voters supported Obama. He also drew the votes of two thirds of Hispanics.

2. Young people: Obama won the under-30 crowd by 34 percentage points. This bested Bill Clinton's 19-point advantage over Bob Dole among young voters in 1996.

3. Women: Obama attracted 56 percent of female voters. Unmarried women also voted for Obama over McCain by 70 to 29 percent.

4. White men: He had the support of 41 percent of white men. Before Obama, no Democrat since Jimmy Carter had earned more than 38 percent of the white male vote.

5. Hillary Clinton fans: Obama won over 84 percent of Democrats who backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

Sources: Associated Press, Politico , Women's Voices Women Vote