Barack Obama's Poor Understanding of the Constitution

The Founding Fathers were correct in the way they set up the Constitution.

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It's also important to remember that if the government is doing something for one person—"redistributive change" as Obama wants, it must do something to someone else—which is exactly what our Constitution specifically precludes. 

But even more radically undermining of the American idea is Obama's idea that government can create new "rights." If Obama believes government can create rights, then that means he thinks governments can also take them away. 

Of course, this is at the heart of the two philosophies between which we are being asked to choose in this election. Do you think as our founders did that rights—including to your own property earned by your own labor—come from the inherent value of individual persons (not government) and must be protected from government? Or do you reject that foundational American idea and instead think rights can be manufactured (and removed) by government for whatever it deems to be the greater good? No less than the American Idea is at stake.

Heather Higgins is a member of the board of directors for the Independent Women's Voice.