How Did John McCain and Barack Obama Affect the Bailout Vote?

Blame is flowing freely in Washington. How much of it goes to the presidential candidates?


The House Tuesday killed the Wall Street bailout bill, with House Republican leaders saying the defeat was due to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's speech to close debate in which she blamed the economic troubles on the Bush administration. Democrats responded that any Republican who voted against the bill because of Pelosi's speech was putting their personal feelings ahead of the national good. Having abruptly injected himself into the process last week, John McCain had made remarks before the vote claiming credit for the bill's apparently imminent passage and ridiculing Barack Obama for being insufficiently engaged. In the wake of the bill's defeat, McCain said that it was not the time for partisan finger-pointing, and then blamed Barack Obama and his allies for infusing "unnecessary partisanship" into the debate. Obama issued a statement saying that such toxically partisan comments are what Americans dislike about the political system. How did John McCain and Barack Obama affect the bailout vote? Do either or both deserve the credit or blame for the bill's failure? Post your thoughts below.

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