Blog Buzz: John McCain Lashes Out Against Media Over Palin Attacks, Fred Thompson's and Joe Lieberman's Convention Speeches

McCain says the media are trying to "destroy" Palin; Lieberman and Thompson give solid speeches.

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Bad Palin News, Round 2

Sarah Palin is still at the center of a media storm as negative news keeps coming in. Bloggers are particularly interested in a Washington Post report that Palin cut funding for a program that provides a transitional home for teenage mothers. A New Republic blogger thinks Palin should be "at the forefront" of the program, while a conservative blogger says she didn't slash funding; she expanded it. John McCain's vetting process and a fishing felony mix-up are also under siege, as well as the news that Palin was in church during a sermon by the founder of Jews for Jesus, which liberal bloggers say won't help McCain with the Jewish vote. Liberals are also questioning Republican claims that the attacks on Palin are sexist.

McCain Continues Hate Affair With Media

According to recent stories in the Washington Post and Politico, John McCain isn't happy with the media, who are "on a mission to destroy" Sarah Palin, according to McCain's top campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt. At TPM, Josh Marshall says the media have a right to attack Palin on legitimate questions, and Greg Sargent thinks the "crocodile tears" are a way to rally the GOP base. One conservative blogger explains why Palin has "deranged the mainstream media," while others point to a recent US Weekly cover as evidence of media bias. Meanwhile, former GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tells the media to "keep it up."

Fred and Joe Get Props for Speeches

Though President Bush addressed the Republican National Convention last night via satellite, bloggers were more intrigued by the speeches by Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman. Many bloggers lauded Thompson's speech, calling it "effective" and the "best speech he has delivered in this presidential election season." Chris Cillizza praised Thompson's recounting of McCain's life and his sharp attacks on Obama. As for Lieberman, a Huffington Post blogger slammed him for identifying himself as bipartisan, while another liberal was angry that he called himself a Democrat. Other liberal bloggers say he "sunk with a thud" and condemn his "drivel" and his comments on Palin. Conservatives praise his courage and say his speech was "deceptively powerful."

—Gretchen Hannes