Blog Buzz: Georgia, Warner, and Obama's New Ads

More on McCain's rhetoric and lobbyist, Warner's big speech, and Obama's new TV ad.

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And We've Run Out of Clever Georgia Headlines

We need someone to tell Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili that as a presidential candidate, John McCain has only words, not deeds (or maybe we don't). Maybe somebody should tell McCain, too. So Randy Scheunemann isn't lobbying for Georgia; he's just making money from Georgia's lobbying. Hot Air's Ed Morrissey (and others) trace the Georgia crisis to Yugoslavia and the breakdown of sovereignty (though a friend of NRO's Rich Lowry disagrees). Meanwhile, Barack Obama's foreign policy team can't seem to get on the same page. The bottom-line question comes from Marc Ambinder: What precisely would Obama or McCain have done differently?

Warner Keynote

So Mark Warner really did resist serious pressure to be considered for Obama's No. 2 spot? He'll be No. 1 in Denver anyway, at least in the keynote sense. The pick has drawn mixed reviews from liberals, with some stoked and others nonplused. Judge for yourself. Does this mean no Obama-Tim Kaine? Not necessarily.

New Obama ad

Barack Obama released a new ad (and debuted a new tagline), focusing on the economy. It received general plaudits from the left.

—Robert Schlesinger