Blog Buzz: Russia, Georgia, and Obama's New Ad

What to do about the Georgia and the awakened bear, and Obama hits back on celebrity.


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Georgia on My Mind

Is it a return to the halcyon days of Cold War? Or Munich? So is Georgia worth going to war with Russia over (as would be the case were Georgia in NATO)? Conservatives say: Don't go wobbly on us now, George. There's a danger that talk but no action will make the United States look weak. But Ross Douthat argues that the situation lays bare a conservative fissure between those wanting to prosecute the war against radical Muslim extremists and those advocating an interventionist, pro-democratic foreign policy. Steve Clemons has been following the situation closely and lays a great deal of blame for the problem at the feet of the United States. Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan argues that the Iraq war costs the moral high ground when it comes to invading other countries. Finally: Does it make a difference in November? Maybe.

Obama Strikes Back

The Obama campaign has started running some strong attack ads against the celebrity John McCain, drawing approval from some parts of the lib-blogosphere (and then not so much from others). Conservatives wonder why Obama is keeping the celebrity meme alive.

Laugh of the Day

Could there be a new Internet trend...Barack-rolling?

—Robert Schlesinger