Blog Buzz: The Great McCain-Obama-Hilton-Spears Race Debate of '08

The Spears-Hilton-Obama ad gets unceasing media and blogger attention. Oh, and Veepstakes too.

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John, Barack, Britney, Paris, and Race Relations

The kafuffle over McCain's Britney/Paris/Barack (Buzz certainly never thought we'd write that combo) continues, with debate about whether or not Team McCain is Harold Ford-ing Obama. (To Harold Ford: To feature attractive, available white women in an ad against a black politician in an effort to play on racist fears of interracial mating.) Or maybe it's not racist, just sexist? Or maybe McCain needs his own celebrity comparisons (Naomi Campbell, Amy Winehouse)? And then there's the debate about whether Team Obama is itself playing the race card against McCain. Oh, and: The McCain-supporting wing of the Hilton family isn't wild about the ad. Certainly the oddest take on the Brit-Obama McCain ad comes from Joe "Relax and Enjoy It" Lieberman. Or maybe not, as Hot Air's Allahpundit points out, there's this gem of Oliver Stone-ry. Here's the bottom, bottom line: Is it working?


Obama-Sebelius? Is that where the O-Kaine talk is going? Just so long as it's not McCain-Romney or Obama-Kaine, one conservative says.

—Robert Schlesinger and Johannah Cornblatt