Blog Buzz: McCain Attacks Obama With the Troops, and Vice Presidential Speculation Grows Odder

The new McCain ad also assaults the truth while McCain-Smith and Obama-Veneman bubble up.

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McCain Attacks With the Troops

John McCain's campaign is running a new ad accusing Barack Obama of blowing off a visit to wounded troops to go shoot some hoop. The ad is false, so why isn't the press saying so? And is the Obama campaign scared of going after McCain? And Is Obama McCain's piñata? But does the Mc-flailing make sense? McCain wasn't always in favor of using the military to score political points. Oh, and by the way: The ad is being run for insiders. (Don't worry, voters, we'll endlessly repeat the message, so you don't have to actually see the ad.)


Veep choices are getting more and more, umm, interesting: McCain-FedEx—err, Smith?? Obama-Veneman? Umm, how about waiting until the convention to name the running mate?

—Robert Schlesinger