Blog Buzz: North Korea, Guns, and the Christian Conservative Vote

Taking Korea off the terror list, the right to bear arms, and veepstakes

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Knocked off Its Axis

The lifting of sanctions on North Korea brings Bush praise from right and left. Implications for November? Andrew Sullivan on The Atlantic's Daily Dish notes that on North Korea, McCain is more of a neocon than Bush. And The Washington Note's Steve Clemons thinks Obama's inclination toward engagement with problematic leaders around the world is now bolstered.

Arms Activism?

The Supreme Court overturned the D.C. handgun ban this morning, and The Atlantic's Matthew Yglesias doubts that conservatives will be too upset by the "judicial activism" involved in the court's first major verdict on gun rights in U.S. history. Meanwhile, Mark Ambinder, another Atlantic blogger, wonders if guns are the keys to the kingdom for McCain. But Politco's Ben Smith notes that while the gun ruling put Obama on slightly uncomfortable turf, a stronger Second Amendment might move the gun issue off the table. Get ready for a lot of discussion about judicial nominations in the coming days.

Christian Conservatives and McCain

Mark Halperin on Time's The Page notes the importance of Christian conservatives, who helped W win re-election in Ohio and other swing states, to McCain. But Francis Wilkinson on the New York Times's Campaign Stops doesn't think the Republican candidates' views on religion will sit well with the Christian right.


Florida Gov. Charlie Crist looks for a middle course between pro-alternative energy and conservation, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal calls the Supreme Court's child rape ruling an "affront to the people of Louisiana."

—Johannah Cornblatt