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Deflationary Spirals

John Makin: Both the European Central Bank and the New England Patriots are battling expectations of deflation.

All Things in Moderation

Cary Gibson: Republicans and Democrats would be wise to hew to the center in the 114th Congress.

Ellmers Leads GOP Off Track on Abortion

Peter Roff: The North Carolina Republican derailed efforts to pass a 20 week abortion ban.

Carrots and Sticks

Albert B. Wolf: Rather than ratchet up sanctions on Iran, U.S. policymakers should give hawk engagement a try. 

Thomas Jefferson Street
Peter Roff

Rep. Renee Ellmers Derails GOP 20 Week Abortion Ban

At 20 weeks, unborn babies can recognize their mother’s voice, smile, suck their thumbs and feel pain. It is little surprise therefore that an effort to ban most abortions after that milestone has been reached have for some time been gaining ground in Washington and in state capitals around the ...

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