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A woman looks through a keyhole in Munich, Germany, on July 9, 2014.

Latest NSA Whistleblower Unconcerned About Retaliation

Executive order allows 'massive, widespread constitutional violations,' warns ex-State Department official.

NHL Releases Sustainability Report

A first-ever report from the National Hockey League assesses its carbon footprint.

Long-Term Job Trends Paint Gloomier Picture

Despite improved employment data, the falling participation rates of men, women and teens underscore continued strain.

U.S. Spent $3 Million on an Unused Facility

Watchdog suggests finding investors before building facilities.

Snakes on the 'Glades

In the past decade, giant serpents have slithered into the Everglades in large numbers and wreaked unbelievable havoc.

Chairs and Tables Could Boost Student Success

Redesigned learning spaces can engage students and faculty members, research says.

Support Found for Carbon Tax

A new study shows the public doesn’t trust government to use money effectively without direction.

Obama Warns Russia: Back Out of Ukraine

President Barack Obama implores Russia to stop escalating violence in Ukraine.

Job Growth 'Fairly Robust' In June

Labor Department figures show over the year, jobless rates have fallen in all states except Alabama.