3 Worst Cities on Earth

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#2. N'Djamena, Chad

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(AP/Karel Prinsloo)

One easy way to gauge the danger of a given city is to find out when the last battle was fought within its borders. For N’Djamena, Chad, the answer to that question is 2008, when the appropriately named Battle of N’Djamena was fought. The British Embassy advises against all travel to Chad, a central African nation that shares its northern border with Libya. However, they do allow essential travel to N’Djamena, the country’s capital. Kidnapping occurs frequently in the city, especially in areas frequented by expatriates and foreign travelers, and visitors to N’Djamena are told to keep their heads down and their pockets protected. Some special circumstances to be aware of in the city include a ban on photography except by government permit and notoriously impassible mud roads. The very last place a visitor in N’Djamena should go is a political rally—Chad has been in an almost constant state of bloody conflict since 1965, and their long history of civil war and fallout from the Darfur crisis in neighboring Sudan has made civic engagement in the country incredibly dangerous.

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