Thai polls will not resolve political crisis; some questions and answers about the mess

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Q: What are the underlying reasons for the hatred against Thaksin and Yingluck?

A: Some believe the anti-Thaksin movement has been manipulated by elements of Thailand's traditional ruling class — including the military and circles around the royal palace — who are fearful of losing power and influence as the masses exercise their democratic power. The other side contends that Thaksin high-handedly ran roughshod over the prevailing rules of Thai society and politics, subverting nascent democratic institutions to enrich himself.

Q: What is the government's position?

A: It proposed that all contending parties commit ahead of the polls to start a reform process after the election, but its opponents insist that reforms occur before the balloting.

Q: What happens if Yingluck gives in to the opposition demands?

A: Even if she is dislodged, her supporters are widely expected to respond with their own protests, perpetuating the cycle of violence.

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