Latvia to extradite computer hacker suspect to US

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RIGA, Latvia (AP) — Latvia's government has approved the extradition of a man accused by the United States of helping create a virus that affected over a million computers worldwide and allowed hackers to steal millions of dollars from bank accounts.

Deniss Calovskis was accused by U.S. authorities in January of participating in a conspiracy to infect computers with a virtually undetectable virus that intercepted and sent out sensitive data such as bank account numbers and passwords to unauthorized users.

Latvia's ministers on Tuesday voted 7 to 5, with one abstaining, in favor of extradition.

A government spokesman says the Latvia's top prosecutor told ministers before the vote that there was sufficient evidence to link Calovskis to the crimes.

If convicted in a U.S. court, Calovskis faces up to 67 years in prison.

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