In US, Venezuelans adapt old rodeo tradition

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By CHRISTINE ARMARIO, Associated Press

HIALEAH, Fla. (AP) — The scene is reminiscent of rodeos in countless Venezuelan towns. But this tournament is at a ranch in Hialeah, about 10 miles from the Miami's towering condo and office buildings. The men on horseback are competing to represent the U.S. in a world championship in Venezuela later this year.

For most of the cowboys, the U.S. is a second home. The majority are from Venezuela where "coleo," as the sport is called, is a tradition. When they arrived in Florida, they organized rodeos much like the ones in the countries they left behind: Four men chased after two bulls for four minutes at a time, flipping them over as many times as possible. Since then, the sport has evolved in the U.S., though animal rights activists have criticized it.

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