Cuban, US diplomats increasingly allowed to travel

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By CHRISTINE ARMARIO, Associated Press

MIAMI (AP) — For decades, Cuban and U.S. diplomats have faced strict limits on their travel within the Cold War enemy countries.

Cuban diplomats cannot go beyond the Beltway loop circling Washington without the permission of the U.S. State Department. U.S. Interests Section workers must submit detailed itineraries to Cuban officials if they want to travel outside Havana.

Recently, however, Cuban and U.S. diplomats have been increasingly stepping outside the once nearly insurmountable fences.

Last week, two consuls from the Cuban Interests Section in Washington made a discreet visit to Miami. Earlier this year, they visited Tampa and Georgia.

On the island, U.S. officials privately say they've had an easier time obtaining permission to travel outside the traditionally allowed perimeter.

The travel is part of an ongoing, slow-moving thaw between the two countries.

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