Congress divided on using aid to pressure Egypt

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By BRADLEY KLAPPER, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — While the Obama administration throws its support behind Egypt's military, some members of Congress are looking at withholding some or all of America's annual $1.5 billion aid package if a civilian government isn't quickly restored.

These lawmakers face a high hurdle without administration support. But after watching the violence spiral upward in Cairo and elsewhere, more U.S. lawmakers questioning whether the Egyptian military's ouster of Mohammed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood-led government last week must be defined as a "coup" — which the administration hasn't declared.

The White House says it won't withhold funds from Egypt's army.

But some in Congress say this military action against a democratically elected president should change the calculation.

Michigan Sen. Carl Levin and Arizona Sen. John McCain both are calling for an aid cutoff.

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