Israel Fires at Syria for Second Straight Day

In this photo from Friday, Nov. 02, 2012, a rebel fighter walks among the debris of damaged residential buildings after several days of intense fighting between rebel fighters and the Syrian army in the Karm al-Jebel neighborhood in Aleppo, Syria.

A rebel fighter walks past damaged residential buildings in Aleppo, Syria, Nov. 02, 2012.

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JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military says it has fired into Syria for a second straight day in response to errant mortar fire that landed in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.

There were no reports of injuries on either side of the frontier Monday. But a series of similar incidents in recent days has raised fears that Israel could be dragged into the fighting in its northern neighbor.

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Israel does not believe the mortar fire has intentionally targeted Israeli targets.

Still, Israeli officials have warned that they will respond harshly if the attacks persist.

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Israel responded for the first time on Sunday, firing an anti-tank missile as a "warning shot."

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