Usain Bolt Wins Second Consecutive Olympic 100 Gold

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Bolt gets the distinction as the only man to cross the finish line first in back-to-back dash finals. Lewis' victory in Seoul in 1988, following his first 100 title at Los Angeles in 1984, was awarded only after apparent champion Ben Johnson of Canada was stripped for failing a drug test. Johnson hailed from the same Trelawny parish in Jamaica that is home to Bolt.

They already were set to party in that Caribbean country to mark 50 years since it became independent from Britain.

On Aug. 5, 1962, the Union Jack was lowered for the final time at Kingston's National Stadium. Talk about perfect bookends: On Monday — which is Aug. 6, 2012, the 50th anniversary of the island's independence — the Jamaican flag will be raised in London's Olympic Stadium for Bolt's medal ceremony.

"It's an honor. I said after the trials I wanted to give Jamaica a great birthday present," Bolt said, "and this is a good start."

As these Olympics continue, though, remember this: Bolt specializes in fantastic finishes.


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