Egypt presidential candidate blasts Islamist MP

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CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian presidential candidate has opened fire at an Islamist lawmaker who accused him of graft — further raising the tempo in an already unprecedentedly heated presidential campaign.

Ahmed Shafiq lashed out angrily Monday at accusations by lawmaker Essam Soltan that are currently being investigated by the public prosecutor.

Speaking to reporters, Shafiq accused Soltan of being an agent for Egypt's security forces prior to last year's overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak. Both men dismiss the other's allegations.

The frontrunners in the election due to begin May 23 include both former regime officials and Islamists— once one of the main target of Mubarak security crackdowns.

Shafiq was Mubarak's last prime minister and is among the top four contenders.

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