Timeline of U.S.-India Nuclear Talks

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8/3/2007: The text of the "Agreement for Cooperation between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of India concerning peaceful uses of nuclear energy" (123 Agreement) is released by both countries.

8/7/2007: Communist allies of Singh's government reject the deal and warn the prime minister against moving forward with it.

8/13/2007: Singh addresses critics of the nuclear deal by reiterating that "the agreement does not, in any way, affect India's right to undertake future nuclear tests, if it is necessary and in India's national interest."

8/16/2007: A statement is released by the Indian External Affairs Minister in Parliament that reads in part, "A decision to undertake a future nuclear test would be India's sovereign decision, resting solely with the Government of India. Nowhere in the bilateral agreement on Cooperation for Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy with the United States of America is testing mentioned."

8/27/2007: Communist allies of the Indian prime minister continue their opposition to the U.S.-India nuclear agreement and call on Singh to cancel the deal, which took two years of negotiations. They fear it limits India's sovereignty and ability to conduct nuclear tests.

8/28/2007: Sixty percent of Indians who know about the nuclear deal with the United States are in support of its moving forward, according to a poll conducted for the NDTV news network. However, of the 12,179 people across India surveyed, only 56 percent were even aware of the agreement.


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