Illegals Get Choice Of Meat, Fish, Veggies

ICE caters to different diets of detained immigrants.

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Capture and eventual deportation of illegal immigrants along the Arizona-Mexico line may be a grim reality for those trying to cross the border, but life in detention centers isn't horrible. New contracting documents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency show that agents try their best to comply with special dietary needs of about 6,500 detainees a year.

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Can't eat meat? No problem, says ICE. Prefer fish? You got it, the agency promises.

According to a new contract solicitation, the agency's Tucson Enforcement Removal Operations has compassion for the dietary requests of detainees.

From the solicitation:

"The contractor shall pack each meal individually and provide, at a minimum, a meal consisting of the following:

-Hamburger (2 oz. beef patty, pickles, ketchup, mustard and 2 buns) small french fries (3 oz.), side salad (3.1 oz.) or fruit (single serving) small soft drink (16 oz.)

-Occasional requests for vegetarian meal consisting of the following, salad (7.5 oz.) beverage (16 oz.)

Occasional request for non-red meat meal consisting of the following, fish sandwich small french Fries (3 oz.), side salad (3.1 oz.) or fruit (single serving) small soft drink (16 oz.)