Top 5 Weapons of Pentagon's Deadliest Sniper

With 255 confirmed kills, the Iraq war veteran is considered the most lethal sniper ever.


 When retired Navy SEAL Chief Chris Kyle talks, the sniper world listens. With 255 confirmed kills under his belt, the Iraq war veteran is considered the most lethal sniper ever.

So what's he carry in his arsenal? In his upcoming autobiography, American Sniper, Kyle identifies his favorite rifles.

1-Mk 12. "Fires a 5.56x45mm round. Versatile and easy to handle, the gun has less range and potentially less stopping power than other choices." [Read how Obama fulfilled a campaign promise in declaring war over.]

2-Mk 11. "Fires 7.62x.51mm rounds. Good stopping power and extremely versatile, the weapon has been criticized by some because of a tendency to jam."

3-.300 Win Mag. "Named for the .300 Winchester magnum round it fires, this superbly accurate rifle is the weapon of choice for many military snipers."

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4-.50 caliber. "Fires large 12.7x99mm rounds. Though often acclaimed for its long range and ability to penetrate thick metal, the large size and weight of most versions limits its utility."

5-.338. "A relative newcomer, the .338 is considered by many one of the finest choices for a modern sniper. It has good stopping power and a longer range than all but the .50."