MoveOn Already Has TV Ad Touting 'Buffett Rule'

Liberal group fast to back Obama plan to tax the rich.


At least one liberal group is signaling that it likes what President Obama proposed when he announced his plan to raise taxes on millionaires like Warren Buffett. [See editorial cartoons on the economy.], which played a big role in Obama's 2008 election, has already cut a TV and Internet ad supporting the president's initiative. It's titled "I'm Warren Buffett's Secretary," and it features blue collar workers eager to see that the rich get taxed at their rate.

Daniel Mintz, campaign director at, said, "Our nation now has a clear choice between the two parties: On one side, you have the president asking millionaires to pay their fair share so we can create jobs. On the other side, you have Tea Party-led Republicans in Congress seeking to end Medicare as we know it so they can protect outrageous tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. In short, the president wants to tax billionaires to create jobs." [See 7 ways Obama can gain credibility on jobs.]

Republicans aren't the only ones MoveOn is gunning for, however. Mintz also warned the gaggle of Democrats who have distanced themselves from the Obama agenda. "Any Republicans, or Democrats, who oppose these common sense, hugely popular proposals will be standing in the way of a real recovery and will have to answer to voters next year," he said.