Obama Jobs Effort Boosts His Approval

Pollster Zogby says most still say Obama doesn't deserve re-election.


Pollster John Zogby has a message for President Obama: Job well done on jobs. Zogby's latest poll finds that the president's effort on jobs has boosted his job approval rating three percentage points and cut into those who think he doesn't deserve re-election.

From pollster Zogby, who does the Washington Whispers Obama report card every Friday:

"President Barack Obama's address to Congress on job creation seems to have helped his job approval (up three points to 42 percent) and the percentage of voters saying he deserves re-election (up six points to 39 percent), a new IBOPE Zogby poll finds.

The percentage of voters who say the nation is on the wrong track dropped to 70 percent this week after hitting a record high of Obama's term last week at 75 percent.

The survey, conducted from September 9-12, found proposals in Obama's jobs speech do not get high marks, but he does better with both Democrats and independents than he did a week ago on both job approval and his re-election.

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