Huckabee Releases 9/11 Kiddy History Cartoon

Conservative puts his spin on history in new video series.

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Mike Huckabee, the one-time presidential candidate, is getting into the history business. His new firm, Learn Our History, has just released a kiddy history cartoon on 9/11, a brief anti-al Qaeda version of the attack, why it happened, and how America fought back.

"It's still so fresh in the minds of hearts of most of us and hard to realize that kids under the age of 14 probably have no real understanding of 9/11," Huckabee told our Suzi Parker. "It's an important part of our nation's history and a moment at which Americans came together and united in a common goal to not let those innocent people die in vain, and the Learn Our History video on 9/11 is produced with the hope to convey the real spirit of America on that day to those too young to personally remember it."

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For the 9/11 video and other animated DVDs, Huckabee uses history to bring kids up to speed on key events. In the 9/11 video, for example, the cartoon travels back in time to Afghanistan to display the harsh life under the Taliban.

"We show that people have no rights or freedoms, and women can't go to school. It is a stark comparison between that and what life is like in America," said cofounder Brad Saft. The events are portrayed with sensitivity, he added, but "we want to cast in clear light the threat militant Islam poses to the U.S. and explain to our children why we are so hated."

When the company launched in May, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow attacked the videos calling Huckabee's history as a "new and improved past, a revised American history carefully constructed to make you feel more comfortable than you might otherwise feel about our national history."

But Saft insisted that the videos are not conservative, though one of the first featured former President Ronald Reagan. "When we showed them to a group of liberals, over 90 percent said they would buy these videos for their kids," Saft said.