Washington, D.C. Among Nation's Hottest Cities

Weather Channel finds Washington worst in Northeast.

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All that hot air coming from the White House and Capitol Hill has had an impact on Washington, D.C.: The Weather Channel has crowned the city the hottest in the Northeast and one of America's six hottest cities. Hot as in heat, not the hipness factor.

The cable channel said it reviewed 30-year average high temperature data for the months of June, July, and August to come up with its winners. Coincidentally, today's temperature is expected to reach 93 with high humidity, maybe driven by political tension as the president, Democrats and Republicans haggle over raising the debt ceiling.

Among the key findings about D.C.—the average June-August high temperature is 86.2, it suffers from an average of 37 days above 90 degrees, and it typically sees a couple of days over 100 degrees.

The other winners:

—Northwest: Medford, Ore.

—Midwest: Wichita, Kan.

—Southeast: Montgomery, Ala.

—South-central: Laredo, Texas.

—Southwest: Yuma, Ariz.