Chuck Robb Sex Scandal Figure Gets Her Wish

Beauty queen Tai Collins rewarded for helping homeless kids.

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Tai Collins, the former Miss Virginia-USA who alleged a sexual affair with former Sen. Chuck Robb, hubby of Lynda Bird Johnson, once told the Roanoke Times  that she wanted to be known for being a do-gooder, not her naughty stories about Robb or her spread in Playboy.

Now, 27 years later, the longtime child advocate who made a name for herself writing for and starring in Baywatch after revealing the scandal, has been honored for her work running A Chance For Children, a charity devoted to helping disadvantaged children. [Check out a roundup of this month's best political cartoons.]

At the end of March, California Assemblyman Mike Davis honored Collins and four other Los Angeles women in an event to celebrate National Women's History Month, according to her blog, "Bikini Travels With Tai & Marissa...It's A Lifestyle."

"Each of these women contributes to making Los Angeles County a great place to live," said Davis. "Their commitment to helping others, whether its children in their community, their neighborhoods, families in need or businesses in our city, makes them great citizens worthy of recognition."