Report: Liberal Soros's Cash Funds 'Nonpartisan' Media Watchdogs

George Soros is reportedly funding the media ombudsmen charged with blowing the whistle on bias.


Whispers learns that the second installment of an explosive expose detailing liberal money-man George Soros's media funding will show he's also funding the very media ombudsmen charged with blowing the whistle on bias. [Vote Now: Should NPR lose funding after Schiller-O'Keefe controversy?]

The report from the conservative Media Research Center will be released to Fox News tomorrow. But they provided Whispers this review late Tuesday:

The Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute tomorrow will release Part II of their investigation of George Soros and his problematic ties to more than 30 major media organizations on This chapter of the exposé will reveal how many millions of dollars the left-wing billionaire has used to fund media organizations--and not just the usual suspects at ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.

The piece is to claim that ombudsmen organizations--the very groups whose mission includes calling out bias in their own papers--are also controlled by liberal purse strings; a conflict of interest in journalistic integrity to put it mildly. [Read Mary Kate Cary: What Congress needs to know about funding PBS and NPR].

According to the investigation, the Organization of News Ombudsmen--a professional group devoted to “monitoring accuracy, fairness and balance”--is also funded by Soros. In fact, NPR’s Alicia Shepard and PBS’s Michael Getler are both directors of the organization. This cannot help NPR or PBS given the microscope they are under for receiving tax dollars. Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton is also a member of the organization.