Bob Barker Donates $2 Million to Injured Marine Fund

The former TV host is donating $2 million to the Semper Fi Fund.


For 25 years he urged contestants on his TV show to narrowly pick the right price of goods, but now Bob Barker is urging Americans to go overboard for a favorite charity, The Semper Fi Fund, which provides financial assistance for post-9/11 injured Marines and other military.

To demonstrate his commitment, the former Price Is Right host will be presenting the fund a $2 million check this week and will make the case to others to donate. The fund said that Barker, a former Navy pilot, just wants to help. "Barker, who was a fighter pilot during World War II, is hoping that his donation and support for our young veterans will inspire others to give and commit to making sure that not one young Marine, sailor, airman, and soldier or their family members are in need during their long-term recoveries."

The fund describes itself this way: "We direct urgently needed resources to post 9-11 marines and sailors, as well as members of the Army, Air Force or Coast Guard who serve in support of marine forces. The Semper Fi Fund provides relief for financial needs that arise during hospitalization and recovery as well as assistance for those with perpetuating needs."