Obama's State of the Union Goes High Tech

The White House is offering up senior aides for questions after the speech.


The White House is pushing President Obama's Tuesday State of the Union Address onto the information superhighway like never before. With a special website dedicated to the speech, the administration will be offering live coverage online through a White House app and online explanations of the president's actions all week with top officials. [See photos of the Obamas behind the scenes.]

In essence, the public will be able to get the same view of what the president is thinking as White House reporters because Obama is making top aides available to public questions via Twitter, Facebook, and the White House website. For example, several top aides will be online to answer questions right after the speech, including, Brian Deese, deputy director of the National Economic Council. Roberto Rodriguez, special assistant to the president for education policy, senior adviser David Simas, and Ben Rhodes, spokesman for the national security council.

The details are here.