Reagan Revolution Rekindled for a Night

Gala to celebrate ex-marine Commandant P.X. Kelley brings the Gipper's team together.

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Former President Ronald Reagan would be 100 years old February 6, 2011, and already the parties to celebrate the Gipper have begun. Tuesday night, for example, the biggest event yet to bring together the stars of the Reagan Revolution takes place in Washington when retired Reagan era Marine Corps Commandant Paul X. Kelley is inducted into Eureka College's Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Program.

The list of chairs, vice chairs, and guests reads like a who's who of the administration and is a good kickoff to months of Reagan remembrances being planned for later this year and early next. The dinner—at the Ronald Reagan Building, of course—is chaired by former President George H.W. Bush, Reagan's veep, Colin Powell, Reagan's national security advisor, Frank Fahrenkopf, a Reagan campaign manager, former Sen. Howard Baker, a Reagan White House chief of staff, and former Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese.

Former honorees include Mikhail Gorbachev and Meese. See the whole program here.