Palin, Huckabee, Bachmann, DeMint All In For Alaska's Miller

Tea Party tries to shake off Lisa Murkowski's revived candidacy.


Sarah Palin, who helped Tea Party Republican Joe Miller knock Sen. Lisa Murkowski out in the GOP primary, isn't about to let her arch rival get re-elected through a back door. With some polls showing independent candidate Murkowski and Miller neck and neck, Palin and even some of her potential 2012 presidential rivals are throwing a rally for Miller Thursday.

Palin, hubby Todd, and potential GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Michele Bachmann are participating in the evening event in Anchorage.

Miller allies tell Whispers that it should be enough to push Miller over the finish line. Republicans siding with Murkowski, however, say that Miller's admission that he lied about using Fairbanks North Star Borough computers for political purposes while he was working as a part-time borough lawyer is dragging him down.

Here is the announcement Whispers just received of the Tea Party rally for Miller:

"Change DC" RALLY!

Thursday, OCTOBER 28TH, 7-9 PM

Dena'ina Center, Anchorage AK

Hosted by Republican Nominee, Joe Miller for US Senate

Special Guests: Janine Turner (star of TV's Northern Exposure, founder of Constituting America) and Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin

Via Video, Governor Mike Huckabee, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Senator Jim DeMint, Senator James Inhofe