Americans Rate Bill Clinton the Best Presidential Manager of the Economy

Reagan came in close second with middle-class Americans, but Obama and Bush trail far behind.


While he was not exactly known for being the most successful manager of his personal life while in office, Bill Clinton's gotten major props over the years for how he handled the economy during his two terms. The latest is from the Heartland Monitor Poll released today, in which middle-class Americans ranked him, among recent presidents, as the best manager of the economy. Ronald Reagan came in second, trailing Bubba 38 percent to 42 percent among respondents. President Obama barely beat out George W. Bush in the poll, though neither came anywhere near Reagan or Clinton. Here's the breakdown from the poll, which was sponsored by Allstate and the National Journal:

Thinking about the past few decades…to the best of your knowledge, which ONE of the following U.S. Presidents do you think did the best job of managing the economy?

Bill Clinton 42%

Ronald Reagan 38%

Barack Obama 6%

Lyndon Johnson 4%

George W. Bush 4%

Richard Nixon 2%

Don't Know 4%

Refused 1%

The poll was conducted among adults 18 years and older via telephone Aug. 27-30, 2010.