Public Split on Fox Hiring Gen. McChrystal

Internet pollster Predicto feeds the rumor mill about the Rolling Stone general's future.

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With the rumor mill mulling suggestions that ousted Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal will join Fox News Channel as a talking head, one internet polling firm,, has taken the issue to the public. And it seems they're split on the future of the general fired for his blunt comments in Rolling Stone. [Read 10 Things You Didn't Know About McChrystal.]

According to Predicto, a vote-by-text polling site, 51 percent want the out-spoken general to join Fox's stable of prominent military pundits. See the poll here.

While nobody around the general is talking publicly about his future, it's not clear just how good a fit he'd be with cable TV's news giant. Not only is he described as a liberal who voted for President Obama, but he reportedly banned Fox from the television sets in his headquarters. [See photos of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.]

That hasn't stopped the late night comics from joking about his future. Said Jay Leno recently, "The bad news for McChrystal is he got fired for insulting the president; but the good news is Fox said 'We'll hire him.'"