Democrats Want More "Macaca" Moments

Citizen journalists enlisted to catch Republican gaffes.

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The Democratic Party, eager to catch Republican candidates in campaign flubs, has launched a new project that encourages citizen journalists to upload embarrassing or revealing video at events not covered by the media.

The "Accountability Project" is built around premise that candidates often say things back home that are different than what they say in Washington. What's more, the party is eager to hear slurs or outrageous comments from Republican candidates, like the destructive "macaca' moment from former Virginia Sen. George Allen in 2006 that doomed his reelection.

In an email to supporters announcing the project Tuesday, the DNC research office cited the Allen-Macaca affair.

"In 2006, at a campaign event in Breaks, a small town in southwest Virginia, then-Sen. George Allen used an offensive slur, 'Macaca,' to refer to an employee of his opponent. Luckily, it was caught on camera. The incident sparked a large swing in the polls, helped Democrat Jim Webb get elected, and, ultimately, played a crucial role in Democrats taking back the senate in 2006. It was just one moment. Who knows what else is being said when the cameras aren't running?"

That's where the new project comes in. It will provide a platform for Democratic citizen journalists to post their videos and recordings of Republicans, "so," says the DNC, "that candidates see that there's a cost to their dishonesty."