Frank Wolf Wants to Bring Back 9/11 Commission

Rep Frank Wolf says TV report revealed huge holes in the FBI's fight on terrorism.


Republican Rep. Frank Wolf is fast becoming a very big fan of Fox News Channel's I-Team, especially their investigative reports on the war on terror. On his congressional homepage he features a Fox story about the Christmas jet bomber and a letter to President Obama based on that report. [See where Wolf's campaign contributions come from.]

Now, he's been inspired by a new Fox probe into the government's handling of several terror suspects, including the New York City Times Square attacker. In a much longer, four-page letter, he lists nine critical questions about flaws in the anti-terrorism war.

Wolf has been calling on the administration to bring back the 9/11 commission to review what's been done to fix the anti-terror war and see if their demands have been met. The flaws Fox found in their latest report, The American Terrorist have prompted him to press the White House anew to heed his calls.

Read his latest letter to the FBI here.