PETA Slams Jessica Simpson for Her SeaWorld Performance

PETA slams singer Jessica Simpson but coos over Angelina Jolie and British first lady Sarah Brown.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Jessica Simpson can't get a break. First the tabloids poke fun at her figure, then she gets slapped for her Twitter from SeaWorld, where she confuses sharks with whales. And now PETA has put her on its hit list for performing at SeaWorld. In the Purrs & Grrrs column in the latest Animal Times magazine, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals shows a dour Simpson and writes that she gets "whale-sized grrrs" for performing at the park.

However, two other politically active women familiar to Washington get coos from PETA. First is Sarah Brown, the wife of the British prime minister, who is praised "for rejecting both foie gras and veal on grounds of cruel production during a banquet hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy." And actress Angelina Jolie gets a purr for "choosing to wear faux fur (a synchilla-trimmed hat and cape) while on the set of her latest movie, Salt."