Media Coverage of Obama Grows More Negative

Obama's positive press coverage has slipped from 59 percent to 43 percent.

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Unlike the other outlets we analyzed, FOX has been consistent in the tone of its coverage, with 21% positive evaluations during the administration's first 100 days and 25% positive evaluations since then. Like the other outlets, FOX was most critical of Mr. Obama's policies. They received only 15% positive evaluations, compared to 41% positive evaluations on all other aspects of his presidency.

Example: "President Obama introduced his nominee to be Secretary of the Army without the mention of an attack on Army soldiers inside the U.S., no condemnation, and no condolences..." — Bret Baier, FOX, June 3

Obama-centric News Coverage of the Obama administration has focused heavily on the president himself. Even members of his family have been featured in more stories than most than most of his appointees.

Top 10 administration newsmakers:

  1. President Obama—1205 stories
  2. H. Clinton—107
  3. T. Geithner—83
  4. Michelle Obama—79
  5. Joe Biden—33
  6. E. Holder—31
  7. R. Gates—30
  8. Sasha Obama—28
  9. Malia Obama—28
  10. R. Gibbs—20
  11. The Economy Leads Despite heavy coverage of health reform and the war on terror, economic topics have generated by far the most stories on the administration.  

    Top 10 administration topics:

    1. Economic conditions—279
    2. Economic stimulus—225
    3. Industry bailouts—159
    4. Afghanistan—159
    5. Health care reform—156
    6. Int'l terrorism—112
    7. Iraq—90
    8. Guantanamo—82
    9. Iran—72
    10. Unemployment—65