Rivals Spitzer and Blodget Talk Comebacks

Spitzer talks family and comeback in a Yahoo interview with former Wall Street tech analyst Blodget.

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It would have been a "get" interview regardless, but former Wall Street Internet bubble adviser Henry Blodget's talk on Yahoo with the man who torpedoed his career—former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer—seems to prove that there's healing power in disgrace. On Yahoo! Finance's Tech Ticker, the two face off in a friendly way to talk about their relationship and Wall Street. Spitzer, who quit in a prostitution scandal, says his probe of allegations that Blodget pumped out bogus stock hype during the Internet bubble wasn't personal, even though it ruined the Merrill Lynch analyst's rep. Spitzer also says he's spending more time with his family, is considering several careers including teaching, and has no plans to run for office again.