Makeup Company Ties Products to Malia Obama's Birthday

A makeup company is offering Malia a $354.20 basket of hypoallergenic products.

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First daughter Malia turns 11 on July 4, and already the gifts are rolling in, wanted or not. Best in Beauty of Florida, for example, is sending her a gift basket of nontoxic, hypoallergenic beauty products that 'tweens with allergies, like her, can use. How do we know? It put out a press release about the Malia gift basket, which it is also offering for $354.20. While the company has a good message in the gift—safe products are available for kids with allergies like the first daughter—it didn't first get permission to tie the sales pitch to Malia, an oversight that in the past has irked this and other White Houses. Just remember the outcry when first lady Michelle Obama lashed out at Beanie Babies for making Sasha and Malia dolls.

The company also notes that the products are not being named after Malia, but as you can see in the release, it is being marketed as "Malia Obama's Birthday Gift Basket."

The release:


Best in Beauty co-founder sends mother-approved products to one of our Nation's daughters

Tampa, Fla.—June 22, 2009—Along with the United States of America, Malia Obama also celebrates her birthday on July 4th. In honor of her birthday, Best in Beauty (, a company dedicated to teaching consumers how to read cosmetic product labels, is sending a birthday gift basket full of non-toxic, hypoallergenic cosmetic products to her, perfect for any tween.

Tara Lee, co-founder of Best in Beauty and mother of two, started Best in Beauty with concern for her young daughter in mind. So, she thought a great way to celebrate one of our Nation's daughters' birthdays would be with a gift basket full of safe cosmetic products her own daughter will use one day. Malia Obama's cosmetic gift basket from Best in Beauty is full of age-appropriate products for girls who are newly introduced to the world of cosmetics. "Through Best in Beauty's Labels for Life initiative, I wanted to raise awareness about potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics and create a discussion among consumers," says Lee. "I'm not a scientist, but I am a mom, and I care about the products that I put on my skin and my children's. I find the lack of thorough regulation in the cosmetic industry by the FDA disturbing. If ingredients like dibutyl phthalate have been banned in Europe, why not in the U.S.? I just want people to make an educated decision about the cosmetics they use. That's what Best in Beauty is about."

Products featured in Malia Obama's birthday gift basket are:

  • Pristine Beauty Vanity Tray - A 1940's inspired Vanity Tray that includes Hooray for Brallywood Butta, Take A Whiff! deodorant and No Scary Hairy. This set of products provides a healthy and effective way to care for yourself or someone you love. Created by a young cancer survivor, proceeds from Pristine Beauty products are donated to the Young Survival Coalition® and the Cancer Prevention Coalition.
  • Occomeia Organic Foaming Cleanser - Based out of Malia's hometown of Chicago, Occomeia provides a patented blend of raw natural black soap, tea tree oil, shea butter oil, purified water and other skin healing essential oils. This organic facial cleanser is physician-formulated and used as a soap, packaged in a unique foam pump delivery system. Occomeia addresses all skin types and skin conditions (Razor bumps, acne, eczema, discolorations, rashes, etc).
  • Solay Wellness Persian Rock Salt Lamp (from another Chicago-area company) - Salt crystal lamps can increase negative ion counts, which benefit asthma patients, people with chronic lung illnesses and allergy sufferers. They also help improve learning, memory and emotional well being. Solay Persian salt crystal lamps are very rare, gorgeous and work well in bedrooms. The colors of these lamps range from fuchsias, magentas, lavenders and purples with some variations of white all in a single lamp. Perfect for any child's room, it weighs 1-2 lbs, is up to 4" high and has an ion radius of approximately 2'.