Conservatives Hit ABC News for 'Obamamercial'

Conservatives rap ABC for refusing to accept a paid ad to counter the upcoming healthcare event.

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There's a growing controversy over ABC's plan to broadcast a healthcare special out of the White House next week. Critics are calling the special an "Obamamercial." Now conservatives are demanding a chance to at least run ads before or during the special but claim they are being turned away. Rick Scott, chairman of Conservatives for Patients' Rights, just issued this statement:

"It is unfortunate—and unusual—that ABC is refusing to accept paid advertising that would present an alternative viewpoint for the White House health care event. Health care is an issue that touches every American and all potential pieces of legislation have carried a price tag in excess of $1 trillion of taxpayers' money. The American people deserve a healthy, robust debate on this issue and ABC's decision—as of now—to exclude even paid advertisements that present an alternative view does a disservice to the public. Our organization is more than willing to purchase ad time on ABC to present an alternative viewpoint and our hope is that ABC will reconsider having such viewpoints be part of this crucial debate for the American people. We were surprised to hear that paid advertisements would not be accepted when we inquired and we would certainly be open to purchasing time if ABC would reconsider."

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