Dress Like Sarah Palin Website Scores Golden Dot Award

Obama, T. Boone Pickens, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin's wardrobe, and Meghan McCain's "Blogette" take awards.


Dot coms are the rage, and politics scored big in 2008, says the Institute for Politics, Democracy, and the Internet. At a conference this week, it is singing the praises of many campaigns as it hands out the annual "Golden Dot Awards." Barack Obama's campaign wins for the Democratic "Online Politician of the Year." Ron Paul gets the GOP version. A site called "Dress Like Palin" won the best political online game. And Sen. John McCain's daughter Meghan won for her campaign blog. Here's the list:


Washington , DC - The Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet today announced its 2009 Golden Dot Awards. The awards will be presented at the 2009 Politics Online Conference on April 20 and 21. The Golden Dot Awards, which seek to recognize the best of the best at the intersection of politics and technology, are one of the many draws to the Politics Online Conference.

The nomination and voting process for the Golden Dot Awards are conducted online. In a two month nomination period, over 100 different entries were submitted for the 23 award categories. Online voting took place over the course of a two week time period and drew over 5,000 unique voters.

"This year's submissions were fresh from the campaign trail. It's really interesting to see how technology in politics evolves during campaign season." said Golden Dots Manager Michael Ford.

IPDI wishes to congratulate the winners for their excellence in 2008:

  • Technology Impact Moment of the Year - Republican - Yes on Prop. 8
  • Technology Impact Moment of the Year - Democrat - The Obama Campaign's announcement of Senator Joe Biden for Vice President
  • Online Politician-of-the-year - Democrat - Barack Obama
  • Online Politician-of-the-year - Republican - Ron Paul
  • Most Networked Campaign - Democrat - Barack Obama
  • Most Networked Campaign - Republican - Ron Paul
  • Outstanding Online Campaign - National - Barack Obama
  • Outstanding Online Campaign - State or Local - Yes on Prop. 8
  • Best Website - Federal Candidate - Barack Obama
  • Best Website - Issue Advocacy - The Pickens Plan Campaign
  • Best Blog - State or Local Politics - Blue Oregon
  • Best Blog - National Politics - Tech Republican
  • Best Blog - Candidate for Local, State or Federal office - McCainBlogette
  • Best Blog -Issues Advocacy - Wal-Mart Watch
  • Best Mobile/Text Message Campaign - Barack Obama
  • Best Vlog - James Kotecki
  • Best Web Video - Supporter Created - Barack Obama, "Yes we Can"
  • Best Web Video - Campaign - John McCain, "The One"
  • Best Animation or Mash-up -Vote Report/Inauguration Report
  • Best Online Game - Dress Like a Palin
  • Best Online Campaign - Barack Obama
  • Best Online Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign - Obama for America- Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Best Online Advertising Campaign - Yes on Prop. 8

The Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet (IPDI) is part of the Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University. Its mission is to promote the use of the Internet and new communication technologies in politics to enhance democratic values, encourage citizen participation and improve governance at home and abroad; in short, to "democratize democracy."

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