White House Dogs Before the Obamas' Bo

White House historians detail the lives of presidential dogs from Teddy Roosevelt to Obama.

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Let's face it, if you could come back as an animal, choosing life as a White House doggie would have to be tops on the list. Being coddled, photographed, fed premium kibbles, and loved by all is not a bad way to go through the day, as the new Obama dog, Bo, is about to find out. He will join the list of 16 other first pups that have romped on the South Lawn dating back to Teddy Roosevelt's Skip, a short-legged mutt later recognized by the American Kennel Club as a Teddy Roosevelt terrier. You know the names—Laddie, Fala, Liberty, Millie, Buddy, Barney—and now you can see their stories presented in a new review by the White House Historical Association.

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