A Bad Week for Michael Steele: GOP Group Defends Rush Limbaugh

GOP party chief Michael Steele is feeling more heat from Republicans for his Limbaugh-bashing.

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It continues to be a bad week for Michael Steele, forced to apologize to conservative talker Rush Limbaugh, whose anti-Obama comments the Republican Party boss called "ugly." We reported yesterday that some GOP leaders want Steele to either shut up or go, and now a group calling itself "GOP Trust PAC" is issuing a strong defense of Limbaugh. Here's what it says:


Scott Wheeler: "Attacking Rush Limbaugh Is Political Suicide, He Gives Voice To The Hopes And Concerns Of Conservatives Nationwide"

( Washington , DC ) - National Republican Trust PAC (www.GOPTrust.com) executive director Scott Wheeler today defended conservative icon Rush Limbaugh against baseless and foolish attacks ... from Republicans.

"Attacking Rush Limbaugh is political suicide for Republicans, he gives voice to the hopes and concerns of conservatives nationwide and has been doing so successfully for 20 years. Our focus should be misguided policies liberal Democrats are trying to impose on the country in a time of economic distress," Wheeler said. "Our nation is facing one of the most difficult times it has ever confronted. As conservatives we need to stand unified, speaking with one voice, finding solutions to alleviate the economic, social, and international hardships challenging us as a nation.

Wheeler noted that any Republican leader who would attack Rush Limbaugh doesn't have a clear understanding of the party's conservative base.

"Republicans find themselves in the minority and out of power because, in large measure, they disconnected themselves from their basic principles and values—such as Arlen Specter and others voting for pork payoff masquerading as an economic stimulus package. Rush rightly labeled that bill a 'porkulus' package and Republicans need to reconnect with their principles and values if they want to become a majority party again," Wheeler said.

 The NRT PAC spent the third largest amount of any independent organization in the 2008 campaign; $6 million in advertising through the November election, and $750,000 in the runoff for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.

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