Stimulus Jobs for the States: A Summary of New Jobs Created by the Stimulus Bill

The White House released an estimate of how many jobs each state will get.

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One of the reasons that support for the stimulus bill seemed to be slipping was that the Obama administration wasn't communicating thoroughly enough to the American people that this bill was supposed to create jobs and not just be a deficit-ballooning, pork-filled piece of legislation. Now that it has passed through Congress to the president's desk, the White House has given us a comprehensive estimate of how many jobs will be created in each state, thanks to the bill.

These states will gain the highest amount of jobs:

1. California—396,000
2. Texas—269,000
3. New York—215,000
4. Florida—206,000
5. Pennsylvania—143,000

And these states will gain the fewest:

1. Alaska—8,000
1. North Dakota—8,000
1. Vermont—8,000
1. Wyoming—8,000
2. South Dakota—10,000

Here's the complete list.