Despite legalization in Washington, feds in Spokane seek prison for family of pot growers

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Harvey, along with his wife, Rhonda Firestack-Harvey; her son, Rolland Gregg, and his wife, Michelle Gregg; and their friend, Jason Zucker, all had medical authorizations to use marijuana under state law. The Greggs and Zucker live in the Seattle area, and lawyers in the case say Zucker is the only one with previous criminal history, a conviction for marijuana growing. Harvey said he eats pot-laced cookies to ease pain from gout.

Douglas Phelps, a lawyer for Rolland Gregg, said many defendants feel they have no choice but to plead guilty to avoid long sentences, but the family feels strongly they did nothing wrong.

"Most people wouldn't take the chance of being convicted at trial," he said.


Johnson reported from Seattle.

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